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Excellence is not being the best; it is doing your best.

Seeing my clients succeed is what makes my work so rewarding. Are you curious to see what's possible for you? I’m ready to start the process with you whenever you are!

Courtney’s expertise was invaluable in helping me land a great new job...

Courtney’s expertise on the Linkedin platform, career coaching and interviewing techniques were invaluable in helping me land a great new job. Courtney naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for her clients. She exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy. These qualities most notably translate in her ability to care about her client’s career and be invested in their long-term success. Courtney’s positive attitude and respect for others shine in a great many ways. --Dan

When I close the 4 deals I have on the table right now, I will become a millionaire by the end of the year!

I met Courtney through LinkedIn. During our time together I’ve added over 800 contacts to my LinkedIn Profile.

I have seen an increase in business opportunities since I started working with Courtney and would recommend her to anyone looking to build their business or find employment.

When I close the 4 deals I have on the table right now, I will become a millionaire by the end of the year! Through Courtney’s efforts, I just landed a new career with Sprint that has allowed me to increase my salary by over $30,000 with a 5% bonus.

It’s been a great honor and pleasure working with Courtney and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Totally worth the investment. --Chris 

Without Courtney's Expert Advice in Coaching me on Proper Interviewing Techniques I would not been able to land my new position with an AMAZING company!

I had been laid off from my job unexpectedly. I was laid off for a few months and struggling to FINALLY get an offer.

I called Courtney and asked her for expert help in walking me through the interview process. She got me into her busy schedule right away. Courtney's coaching allowed me to land an incredible new opportunities at a fantastic agency.

Courtney helped me find my way which lead me to something I couldn’t not have imagined.

Thank you again Courtney for your time, dedication, persistence and continued support. Your professionalism speaks volumes as well as your brilliant suggestions!

I would highly recommend reaching out to Courtney. You do not need to struggle your thought the interview. It's important to be prepared and present yourself in the best manner possible.

Like Courtney says you only have 1 shot to impress the hiring managers.
Thanks again Courtney,
Deb B.

I NOT only Landed an AMAZING job with the help of Courtney's Expertise, but I'm making the MOST amount of MONEY I've ever made in my lifetime!

Courtney helped me with my resume, my LinkedIn presence, and other job search related communications. She is very responsive and does what she says she will do.....

  •  when she says she will do it. She even held my feet to the fire a few times to get things done........
  • which I really need sometimes. Courtney is professional, flexible, helpful, and she has a way of getting you to see things from a different perspective, which really jump-started my job search. I’m now working in a job I enjoy, making more money than I’ve made before. I really appreciate Courtney’s impact on my job search. -Michele H

Definitely someone that I want in my corner! I just can’t say enough wonderful things about Courtney!

I met Courtney while connecting with professionals on LinkedIn, she immediately contacted me via e-mail to set-up a time to discuss my current career situation, immediately

I felt very comfortable visiting with her as she was kind, personable and really listened. I shared with her that I was currently a College Instructor looking to advance into the Corporate Sector as Training and Development Manager; Courtney took a real interest in what I was saying and asked me a series of questions aiding me in pinpointing my GOALS!

I decided after visiting with her to hire her as my Career Coach, this was one of the best decisions I could have ever made, as I was getting little to no results with my current resume and my goals of being a part of the Corporate Sector were beginning to “fade” by the time Courtney started working with me, I was “defeated” and wallowing in my own misery!

After a couple of sessions with Courtney, I began to learn more about the importance of networking effectively, especially with top companies that I had only dreamt about working with, Zappos, Louis Vuitton, Loreal, Apple just to name a few; I was so intimidated by these “larger” than life companies and executives that I often visited with Courtney about how to connect, what to say once the connection has been made, how to research companies and the importance of this step. I was interested in working with, the best and learning from the best.

I also learned a great deal about marketing myself beginning with a ‘worthy” resume format showcasing my skills in the area of Training and Development, I would never have had that opportunity of working with one of the “best” (numbers don’t lie, nor do results) resume writers had it not been for Courtney introducing me.

I would highly recommend Courtney as she has truly been the best resource with her years of experience and knowledge as well as her constant positive and helpful attitude! She cares about the people she works with and she is truly working towards that “goal” no matter how big or small right alongside you! Definitely someone that I want in my corner! I just can’t say enough wonderful things about Courtney!

One Very Happy Client! Who completely believes that the “dream” will soon be a reality!

I’ve only known Courtney for a few days and she has already impacted my life for the better.

I’ve only known Courtney for a few days and she has already impacted my life for the better. Courtney saw my LinkedIn profile and took the initiative to contact me. We had a 30-minute telephone conversation a “discovery call” if you will. In the course of this conversation, she diagnosed most of the problems with my job campaign and offered solid advice to correct the problems.

She also recommended additional markets for my talents. Pretty brilliant if you ask me. Courtney is the Guru who established and runs www.marketingwithcourtney.com I strongly suggest you check out her website if your campaign is stalled or, even better, BEFORE it stalls. Get ahead of your job search.

Every day you’re not doing what you want to do just costs SO much! --Robert

If I could award a black belt in LinkedIn, Courtney would be a recipient.

If you are thinking about updating or upgrading your LinkedIn profile and how to use LinkedIn to grow your network, generate more clients, as well as get referrals then look no further than Courtney Taylor!

I met Courtney a few months ago at my women’s networking group as she was our speaker that evening.

Well, I really had no idea the power of LinkedIn until I met Courtney. She truly is a LinkedIn Master!


If I could award a black belt in LinkedIn, Courtney would be a recipient.

I am currently taking a 4 week LinkedIn Group Mastermind with Courtney. Only 2 weeks into the training and I have already gained interest from my ideal target market and setting more discovery calls.  Prior to this class clueless as to how to generate leads from LinkedIn.  Best money I have spent learning how to grow my network and business by far!

I Will definitely be taking more coaching services from Courtney in near future!

Submitted with gratitude, Lori

I highly recommend Courtney as a career coach. Having her in your corner can only lead to success...

Courtney has proven to be a valuable asset in helping me pursue my career goals and aspirations. She was direct, prompt and very thorough. Her knowledge of social media is second to none and each time we worked together I had several take always and a clearly defined path to pursue. Her follow up and willingness to be there was greatly appreciated. She responds quickly and I can’t thank her enough for her insights, passion, and knowledge. I highly recommend Courtney as a career coach. Having her in your corner can only lead to success. Service Category: Career Coach Year first hired: 2013

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time --Scott “Pro Golfer”

I had four sessions with Courtney that turned me from upside down to right side up...

Hi!! My name is Sandra Rennie and I would like to share with you what I learned and how I met Courtney Taylor.  I met Courtney on LinkedIn through a sales letter that I had sent out to all my contacts. Thank God that she reached out to me to offer me some advice on how to effectively reach out and capture the attention of potential clients.

I had four sessions with her that turned me from upside down to right side up. The first thing she taught me was how to build relationships and how to network and prospect clients to want to work with me.

She had me create a business plan on how to target my ideal customers she showed me how to utilize and network on Facebook and she also set me up with Hendra her graphics designer to set up my new business Facebook page. On LinkedIn she had me change my profile so now people are approaching me instead of me running after them. She has helped me with script/copywriting, she shows you how to save money.

Best of all she taught me how to market a product that I currently didn’t have in hand as the product has not yet hit the Canadian market until a few months after having worked with Courtney.

I highly recommend Courtney not only was she my business coach but we have developed a great relationship which has opened the road to success of networking that has changed me and the way I do business. Thank you, Courtney --Sandra Rennie

After working with Courtney and her team, I had an interview and have subsequently been hired at what is most assuredly my dream career...

I connected with Courtney Taylor via LinkedIn.  I came to the conclusion that my nearly decade-long search for a truly great career and not just a job wasn’t going to happen without some additional help.

Courtney is an energetic and driven individual who knows how, as her tagline says, “Get Noticed, Be Heard and Get Hired”.

Courtney and her team collectively did wonders for my resume, cover letter, my LinkedIn profile.  She is an expert in how to fully utilize LinkedIn as a tool to network and get noticed.

After working with Courtney and her team, I had an interview and have subsequently been hired at what is most assuredly my dream career.  I have been working with her for only one month.

Great results indeed that speak for themselves.


I hadn't had the need for a resume in over 25 years, so your help in revamping my "old" one was crucial to applying for a new position.

I just wanted to thank you so very much for the coaching you gave me with rewriting my resume. I hadn't had the need for a resume in over 25 years, so your help in revamping my "old" one was crucial to applying for a new position in a new state.

It helped me to apply for a position on Wednesday, and a phone interview on Friday, which turned into a live interview that same afternoon. An hour and 1/2 hour interview and one Friday later, I had landed the job. They were so impressed with my resume, they held the position for me from the beginning of June until the middle of August, which gave me time to move from Connecticut to Florida and get settled in before starting.

I am happy to say that thanks to Courtney's coaching, I have acquired the perfect fit of a position in a great real estate company that has plenty of room for promotion. Thanks Courtney! --Cheryl

An investment in Business Training with Courtney is so worth it! I just finished a webinar with her, wow.She blew my mind! She turned me from ranking low to number one over half a million people when they search for my skills. She also showed me other great strategies I can use to build my network, get noticed and get more long lasting clients. ─ Hendra

Courtney is a wonderful asset to you and your LinkedIn visibility. I hired her recently and she was well worth it.

Not only did she boost my connections nearly 125% but she showed me how to do it. I learned how to create content that matters as well as building relationships that I hope will become friendships within and outside my industry.

If you need assistance gaining visibility, start your marketing plan with this brilliant mind! --David Vorge

I had a lot of questions when it came to my online business, such as what does my market really want, and how do I find out what my market really needs? Courtney talked me through an action plan and helped me to get my focus on track, and gave me some guidelines on how to start.  I needed to pull back and learn more about my ideal market.

Courtney offered sound coaching and really took her time with me to understand my challenges. Most importantly, she was relatable. She understood where I was, where I was looking to go,  and she genuinely wanted to help. I recommend Courtney to anyone needing a push in the right direction to get focused.

She found the need and met it. Best coach I have worked with. --Elissa

Before working with Courtney, I had been unsuccessful in finding a full-time job for over two years. The interviews that I had were for very low paying positions. Two weeks after finishing my calls and following Courtney’s methods, I have a new job starting next week with a salary $10,000 higher than I expected (with full benefits). She is dedicated to staying ahead of the hiring game to drive results. Thanks, Courtney! --Tim

I met Courtney a while back when she reached out to me to book a massage. In a conversation with Courtney as she was getting massaged, she with her expertise in online marketing offered for me to schedule a call with her so I did.

I took Courtney’s advice on how to build my business online an attract more clients and implemented the tools she advised right away.One year later, my income has doubled and people are finding me online as I had hoped.  She was absolutely instrumental in helping me to achieve my dream and walk away from my part time job.

I would recommend any business owner to reach out to Courtney and give her the opportunity to assist your business as she has with mine.  Thank you very much, Courtney. --Khristy

I am endorsing Courtney Taylor, whom I worked with for 3 months this spring. I had just retired from a 30-year career as a classroom teacher, and I wanted to focus my skills to succeed in marketing.

Courtney helped me so much. She tailored her teaching around my needs for each of our conferences–recommending reading that would be most beneficial for me; providing me with additional resources and contacts; hooking me up with networking groups and opportunities, and checking in with me to be sure I was meeting the goals we had set together.

Courtney was accessible, supportive, and encouraging. As a result of our work together, I was able to bring a prominent local chiropractor on to my team of health coaches for my company. --Joanne

I needed to find a new job and knew that my LinkedIn presence would be crucial. However, I needed expert help to understand how to optimize my profile. Courtney provided that expertise and more.

She had very specific recommendations for my LinkedIn profile. I was amazed at the depth of her understanding of how to optimize profile content and how to drive traffic to my profile. However, this work on my profile was done in the context of defining a personal brand and building awareness of what I have to offer potential employers.

Courtney works with you to understand your overall goals and develops a plan for achieving those goals. She was very patient as my schedule changed and was tough when necessary. Her feedback on some of my initial work was strong and that pushed me to improve it and make it stand out.

I like that she records our sessions and I can go back and follow-up on specific details that I missed in my notes. As a result of working with Courtney, I am much more confident in my LinkedIn presence, and more importantly, my personal brand reflects what I want to achieve.

Today I have now gone on to attain several consulting Opportunites due to the strategies I have implemented from working with Courtney! --Rod

I started working with Courtney a few months ago to improve my brand in order to improve my online presence. My goal was to find a new career and in the process of doing so, I am found out allot more than what I originally signed up for. Courtney is a truly awesome coach and mentor!

She gave me the tools I needed to succeed, but more than that, she helps me realize I had so much more to offer in life. She has an extensive knowledge of networking and social media combined with her coaching gave me such a better outlook on my career and ultimately life!! I have been blessed to have her come into my life and guide me I have been blessed to have her come into my life and guide me through improving myself. It’s about the journey and I have finally been able to land employment within a university working in career services giving back to the students and community. --Chris Thomas

I was searching a long time for a new position and decided I needed a fresh approach, so I hired Courtney. Courtney is very straightforward and explained very specifically what I needed to do to land the job I wanted.

I learned a lot from her during our sessions on how to locate decision makers, build a better resume, how to get noticed on LinkedIn, and even how to handle different interview situations and questions. I also really like how Courtney cares about my success and how she often checks in with me to see how my job search and career are going.

I am very happy to recommend her services. I used her techniques and landed a position I really like. Thanks, Courtney! --Anthony

Courtney is a truly awesome coach! Not only does she give you the tools you need to succeed, but she really brings out the best in you. Her extensive knowledge of networking and social media combined with her coaching gave me such a better understanding!

I was able to land the career of my dreams with a BIG media company in Boston with the help of Courtney’s coaching. --Lauren

I first contacted Courtney because I was struggling so much in finding a job. I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I was sending resumes in job portals, had less than 80 connections here, so, completely avoiding LinkedIn.

The first step was difficult for me. I am introverted. Speaking with others was difficult, still is. But, I am so much more comfortable, I have 500+ connections now, completely left job boards. Why? While I was getting interviews, I didn’t really know what was going wrong.

Now I know. Too much competition for any job posting. While here in LinkedIn people see what you really can do. BUT! You need a good profile to impress the hiring managers.

Just after 1 month, everything changed. My LinkedIn profile was praised by the recruiter, I had so many interviews and phone calls, I could barely keep up. Now, I landed an awesome opportunity! Thanks to Courtney.

I really recommend Courtney, she knows what she is talking about! She knows the job market, what the managers really want. I cannot describe how much it helped to have her on my side. Really grateful to you --Caesar

I wish I would have found Marketing with Courtney sooner! Before working with Courtney I aimlessly applied for jobs with a resume that I paid to have professionally written. Little did I know that my job search would turn up with nothing and my resume wasn’t a good as I thought. Working with Courtney has helped me to get more interviews, be more confident in interviews, showed me how to get in front of company decision makers, and useful tools to use in developing a top-notch marketing plan.

After working with Courtney, I was able to get a shot at my dream job at Whole Foods Market and I got more interviews than I did before. Courtney will show you the tools and skills you need to find your dream career. If you are struggling in the job market and don’t know what to do, I highly suggest investing in your future and hiring Courtney as your career coach. Courtney has changed how I go about searching for jobs and I am on the road to employment at a dream career! --Kim Vona

Hi Courtney, I would like to thank you for your services it has been a life changing event for me that has completely resulted in nothing but positives.

Before I met Courtney I was working for Boeing the last 27 years and I haven’t had a lot experience outside of the company. I wasn’t sure what to put in my resume, how to network and do interviews until I Courtney.

The first thing she offered me was the resume service which I received in the first 5 days. Then the magic began, I notice an increase of employers calling me for interviews but I still was having trouble and I wasn’t sure what it was until the coaching sessions began.

The coaching sessions were magic, I wasn’t bad but your key points of Edification in building a relationship and telling a story in LinkedIn profile really started drawing the attention of recruiters and the hiring managers. There isn’t a day where I don’t at least get a contractor position offered or company calling me for an interview. The contracting positions prior to me joining your services were between $30 to $45/ hour, now I don’t get any offers lower than $60 to 75/ hour.

Currently, I am being interviewed by four highly known companies and working for a contract agency that is paying me $60-hour straight time to $90 for overtime while I am interviewing with the major companies for full-time employment.

The results are not yet final but your services are starting to pay huge dividends. I am getting salary offers from companies of 10 to 15% more than what I made in the past thanks to Courtney.

I am hoping to close out the deal with one company this week. The company offers a pension, benefits, employee discounts, full relocation package imagine that in today’s market. I am so excited and I’ve been practicing with Courtney techniques so I can close the deal.

Robert went on to land a position just 3 weeks after working with me earning $350,000 more than doubling his salary from his original position. This opportunity has allowed him to retire his wife. Robert couldn’t be any happier!

I really enjoyed working with Courtney. Her insights and advice were invaluable in helping me not only look for jobs but in also changing industries in only 3 1/2 short weeks! Her coaching and instruction regarding the use of edification during interviews and in working with hiring managers were pivotal for me in understanding interviewing today.

The use of direct marketing copy for my LinkedIn profile and in speaking about myself to others also helped me to understand how to market myself in a highly competitive world. I will take her advice into my new dream job working for Disney! --Carol

I started working with Courtney about 3 weeks before I got my first offer. I had been on over 20 interviews over the past 8 1/2 months. I got 8-second interviews, 3 third interviews, and 2 fourth interviews but had not been given an offer.

Over the course of the next 3 weeks, after she trained me on my interviewing, cleaned up my resume, cleaned up my LinkedIn account and showed me how to use LinkedIn to network, I got 6 more interviews. 2 were fifth interviews and 3 were 1st but, in one of the 1st interviews they liked me so much they did a 2nd and 3rd interview on the spot.

Meanwhile, with the other 2 fifth interviews, I got an offer making 12% more than my last job and with a much higher title. I had previously been a Manager with my previous employer and now was a Controller and my new company (skipping over the Director’s title). After I accepted I got a call from the company that gave me 3 interviews at once and they gave me an offer as well.

The pay was also 12% more but there was no bonus; however, they offered me 10% equity ownership! I stayed with the first offer because of the title and I liked my new bosses at the other place.

I’m very happy and can’t believe she was able to turn several near offers into offers. I started working on 17 November, right before Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday. It was a great Christmas thanks to Courtney’s coaching and God. --Joe

I would like to give a sincere THANK YOU for providing me (literally) last second interview coaching that helped me receive a job offer after having over 10 interviews and not receiving an offer.

Courtney provided me with several tips and talking points that helped me convey a message of being a likeable person who would fit in great with the company. She is compassionate, patient, and committed to helping her clients. --Garrick 

Let me start by saying that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND COURTNEY TAYLOR as a career coach. As a Marketing professional who was looking for a new opportunity for 21 months, I stumbled upon Courtney through LinkedIn. I had two career coaching sessions with Ms. Taylor – a session on improving my online presence and a session on interviewing.

She focused on exactly what I needed to work on to succeed in my job search. As a result, the number of views of my LinkedIn profile immediately quadrupled and I was contacted two days later by a recruiter for a local position.

I landed an interview and with the techniques, I learned in our interviewing session, I landed the job. IT WAS THE FIRST INTERVIEW I HAD IN WHICH I UTILIZED HER COACHING TECHNIQUES; NO LIE!

In all, I landed a new position two and a half weeks after our first coaching session. In hindsight, I wish I would have contacted her 20 and a half months earlier. Just think about it, even the best pro athletes in the world have coaches to help them succeed.

Thanks again Courtney! --Mark

Courtney opened my eyes in showing me how LinkedIn works and helping me make my profile be more than just words on the screen by adding my own personality, flair, and KEYWORDS to make it stand out from the rest. Her resume building team knocked it out of the park too.

She really does have your best interest at heart in guiding you on where YOU want to be. --Sun

Courtney truly helped me enhance my LinkedIn profile and digital footprint during the time working with her. Additionally, she was instrumental in coaching me through possible interview scenarios and providing advice on how to approach a new environment.

I would highly recommend her to anyone at any stage of their life or career! --Michael

Courtney was a Godsend. Truly she was. I met Courtney when I was struggling to try to find a job after completing my Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies. I was fifty-something when I decided to change careers and follow the dream I had to go to college for the first time and get a Bachelors degree.  I was anxious to land a job in the legal profession after graduating. I was introduced to Courtney and she agreed to become my business coach; within a month of graduating I had a landed a job in my new chosen career all thanks to Courtney! --Kelly

Courtney contacted me after a recent post within a LinkedIn group. Upon our initial conversation, I became her client, and Courtney was able to take my job search “out of the box”. She knows how to navigate within LinkedIn and can make your profile standout so that YOU get noticed. Her insight of social media allowed me to communicate better with individuals and make connections.

Also, she is passionate about her craft and assisting people in reaching their true potentials. In addition, she provides all the tools that you need, you just have to put them to work.

I would recommend Courtney because her skill sets are far beyond the norm, which can lead to much success. --Dennis

I have known Courtney for many years and have been successful working with her. She is a very talented individual. If you are searching for a new opportunity, I highly recommend Courtney’s services.

She has an extremely strong understanding of the marketplace and can teach you what you need to do to get a job, even in a recession. Her services are superior to other services out there. She takes you by the hand and shows you how to fish.

Courtney is highly regarded in her field and can take you from “I can’t get a job” to “I have the career of my dreams!!

Contact Courtney and learn for yourself what she can do for you. --Kari

I am hard of hearing an individual who is looking for a change in my life. I met Courtney at the business meet up and got her business card.  I checked out her website and liked what I saw so I decided to connect with her via emails.  I saw her again at another meetup and told her how I was struggling as a father of 2 kids and how people don’t give me a chance to help them to succeed in my business because of my hearing disability.

She made me feel good about myself and told me that I can do it regardless of my hearing disability so I decided to do her coaching session.  She went the extra mile to get the sign language interpreter for me.  We met for the coaching session and I learned a great deal of information on what to do and what I could do better.  It also built my self-confidence that I can do it.

I went to a next business meet up and when it was time for me to introduce myself, I just show them who I am by doing sign language and talking at the same time.  I am looking forward to next coaching session, Coach! --Miles Burrell

Courtney is very knowledgeable and helpful.  She provided me with many great ideas and information that will be helpful to me in my new business venture. (Involved in a Network Marketing Business) --Sue Torez

I would like to thank Courtney for all the help she has given me on writing a resume! Courtney took my old résumé and helped me to re-write it correctly and professionally. She was very easy to work with and did an excellent job! After sending my résumé out to different job postings, I got called back for many interviews and I was complemented on how professional my résumé was! I can’t thank you enough Courtney! I would highly recommend her services!  --Jen

After two redundancies in two years due to company budget cuts, I found myself on the job hunt yet again.  I knew this time I wanted to try a different and more pro-active approach however so I linked up with Courtney through a mutual friend.

With Courtney’s coaching and guidance, I was able to better understand the latest trends in today’s jobs search; beefing up my résumé, social media profiles and learning how to better approach and connect with hiring managers online.

When I managed to score an impromptu interview, Courtney went the extra mile and made time for me immediately for last minute preparations.

Two interviews later, and with Courtney’s guidance these last two months that opened my eyes to a whole new way of job searching, I am now in a job that will enable me to grow and expand my talents in my career field for the future. 

Thank you Courtney! --Jason

Courtney helped rewrite my resume and assist in my career search. She is a very professional person, results oriented and a pleasure with which to work. She has a real concern for others! --Drexel

Courtney Taylor goes the extra mile to help her clients find success. Even after she fulfilled her contract with me, she has continued to monitor my progress, send me inspiring emails, give her free time to host seminars for no cost and continues to give me coaching advice and even links to possible jobs. I have learned a lot and have been using her techniques to help me land my next career.

Great news! With the help you’ve given me, I not only have one job offer, but I also have a 2nd interview for the dream job tomorrow.

I asked the first to give me a day to think about it as I was entertaining other offers and they agreed. Now, I need to wow them tomorrow, then tell them to hire me before someone else steals me away. Thank you so much for all your help these past few months! --Sharon

Courtney Taylor is an invaluable professional who holds a high degree of integrity and cares about her clients. She is a great listener and strives to understand her clients’ situation and perspective in order to educate them and help them navigate through networking and interviewing in a methodical way.

Her knowledge in the use of social networking media, personal development and training is exceptional. An expert in her field and a trusted adviser! -- Eleni 

Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity 

Should anyone feel that they are struggling with their career search, Courtney Taylor is a valuable resource. Having looked for new opportunities via endless job applications with no response, it was time to take a new direction.

Courtney has provided this for me with her calm yet assertive approach to networking. Through Courtney’s direction and guidance with a new focus using LinkedIn as my marketing tool supported by follow-up techniques, I now have the re-asserted belief that I can find that right connection leading to that right career move. (From Canada) Andrew G

Courtney has been a tremendous help to me not only for information on how and where to job search, but her innate ability to motivate, inspire, and instill confidence in me that I have struggled to keep during my job search.

When Courtney pushes you, it is her intention to help you succeed in all aspects of your life. What I have personally received from Courtney is that no matter what I will be great in whatever path I choose for a career. --Lisa
Service Category: Career Coach
(hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Courtney for providing me two connections for possible jobs today. She sent along contact information and I have calls in. Hopefully I’ll be a fit for one of them. THANK YOU COURTNEY for the help, it is truly appreciated.

I just want to take a second and let everybody know that is either following this thread, has replied to it, or is ignoring it that I could not be happier that I replied to this way back near it’s start. Since then, Courtney and I went back a forth on the email, she sent me connections to four recruiters who are now hunting for me. We have since talked on the phone for almost an hour. 

Courtney basically interviewed me to find out what I am all about and what I have exactly done. She has taken on some of my companies of interest where I have applications in, trying to break through for me, is refreshing my resume, and has basically become an employee working to find me a job.

Do not be a fool and not connect with her, if she has a lead, she will provide it. If it’s a job on her board, she’ll connect you. If it’s a recruiter in her network, she’ll connect you. Since being laid off end of October 2010, this is the best I’ve felt about the new career search in a long time.

You can email me or even call me if you want to know more before you connect. toddburnsnua@yahoo.com

Todd Burns

My finances were very limited when I connected with Courtney on LinkedIn.  She responded with a plan that has created results.  She has helped me organize my career change with a strong focus on my particular needs, strengths and dreams.

Courtney is reliable and truly cares about her clients and works hard for them.  As a result, I have exceeded my personal and professional goals with several opportunities fitting my needs as a new, single father.  I would highly recommend investing in Courtney’s coaching services.  If you are coachable, the results will far out weigh the very reasonable financial investment.  Thanks for your help, Courtney! --Ken

Courtney, “It was great speaking with you. I love your attitude and passion for helping to educate and better people’s lives. I appreciate you taking the time to coach me and provide me with skills and strategies to land me my next job as well as to make me a better rounded individual.” I look forward to speaking with you in the upcoming days :). Thanks again for your knowledge and help!

I just wanted say that I have been very satisfied with your services that you have provided for me so far. I would highly recommend your services to anyone that needs a professional resume done for them. --Thanks again, Sandy

My name is Ellen and I am a marketing professional seeking employment in the Marketing/ Sales industry. Through linked in I have connected with Ms. Courtney Taylor. As many of you already know, looking for work is a full time job! I reached out to Ms Taylor to help make revisions to my existing resume.

Ms. Taylor helped me organize, quantify and present my unique value in the industry. There are many professionals out there that charge a bundle of money and feed you promises. This is what sets Ms. Taylor aside from all of the rest she really cares about you and your future. Ms. Taylor focuses on your individual qualities and where your contributions are recognized. I would highly recommend Ms. Taylor’s experience and services. -- Sincerely, Ellen

Courtney Taylor is a highly qualified enthusiastic Career Coach who knows her craft and I highly recommend if you are in the process of looking for a new career opportunity. Ms. Taylor has guided me along the way advising me how to get past my physical limitations as well as my previous approach to only; applying for jobs online without connecting with the human on the other end.

She has taught me viable information how to connect with people through LinkedIn for example and getting your foot in the door past the recruiters. Whether you have 1 year or 20+ years of employment experience and needing a leg up guiding you while you’re searching for a new career venture without hesitation contact Courtney Taylor.  --Andrew B

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Courtney. She very professional, a good listener, and helped me to understand the work environment of today that I would be dealing with. Courtney also gave me many good resources to plug into to help with my job search. She gave me the time that I needed to work through my tasks ahead. I would highly recommend Courtney to anyone that needs a career coach! --Bonnie

Thank you for this article, ever since I lost my job two months go due to a reduction in staff I have done everything I can do get a job. I have reworked the resume a couple times, practice with my wife on an interview questions and I went on some real job interviews however still NO JOB. I know I have to play the “waiting game” however I am tired being home while posting a lot of jobs each day and my phone never rings. --Gabriel

I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to Courtney! She provided so much information and really gave great advise when the job search was getting frustrating and seemed like nothing is going my way.

After completing my MBA in August 2010, I was laid off in early 2011 which lasted for 6 months. Then in May of 2012 I was laid off again!! This was the complete opposite of why I wanted the MBA – it felt like all of the hard work in school lead me nowhere.

So I started working with Courtney and after 9 weeks, countless interviews and 3 (yes 3!!) offers, I accepted my dream job. I also found out from the recruiter I was working with that I was chosen out of 30-40 other candidates.

Courtney gave me the tools I needed to win them over during the interview process, what to say at the end of the interview to close the deal, what to say in my thank you notes, and what to say during the follow-ups. The company is great, my boss is great, the benefits are the best I have ever had and the salary is the highest I have ever had. In fact, I am making more money than the original salary range provided to the recruiter.

I would not be writing this review if I did not truly believe in Courtney's teachings and know first hand that they work. Thank you again Courtney, I couldn't have done it without you! --Julie H

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