What Would Happen If You Learned How To FLOOD Your Business With High-Quality Leads And Sales?

How would things change for you if you were making MORE MONEY? If you had MORE TIME and the FREEDOM to actually ENJOY your life and the people you love?

Building a PROFITABLE business that supports a life you love living doesn't have to be difficult... And, it starts with learning how to EASILY attract and connect with the right customers and clients. To do that, you need a proven, straightforward, step-by-step system that gets you the results you want quickly.

If you have ever dreamed of easily attracting, connecting and working with highly qualified customers and clients... the kind of people who recognize and value your products and services, the unique skill-set and expertise you bring to the table, the kind of customers and clients that make it really exciting for you to get up and go to work every day...I can help. I'm about to share with you how to make those dreams come true (and how it can be a lot less frustrating and complicated than you think).

I had four sessions with Courtney that turned me from upside down to right side up...

Hi!! My name is Sandra Rennie and I would like to share with you what I learned and how I met Courtney Taylor.  I met Courtney on LinkedIn through a sales letter that I had sent out to all my contacts. Thank God that she reached out to me to offer me some advice on how to effectively reach out and capture the attention of potential clients.

I had four sessions with her that turned me from upside down to right side up. The first thing she taught me was how to build relationships and how to network and prospect clients to want to work with me.

She had me create a business plan on how to target my ideal customers she showed me how to utilize and network on Facebook and she also set me up with Hendra her graphics designer to set up my new business Facebook page. On LinkedIn she had me change my profile so now people are approaching me instead of me running after them. She has helped me with script/copywriting, she shows you how to save money.

Best of all she taught me how to market a product that I currently didn’t have in hand as the product has not yet hit the Canadian market until a few months after having worked with Courtney.

I highly recommend Courtney not only was she my business coach but we have developed a great relationship which has opened the road to success of networking that has changed me and the way I do business. Thank you, Courtney --Sandra Rennie

When I close the 4 deals I have on the table right now, I will become a millionaire by the end of the year!

I met Courtney through LinkedIn. During our time together I’ve added over 800 contacts to my LinkedIn Profile.

I have seen an increase in business opportunities since I started working with Courtney and would recommend her to anyone looking to build their business or find employment.

When I close the 4 deals I have on the table right now, I will become a millionaire by the end of the year! Through Courtney’s efforts, I just landed a new career with Sprint that has allowed me to increase my salary by over $30,000 with a 5% bonus.

It’s been a great honor and pleasure working with Courtney and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Totally worth the investment. --Chris 

If you're like my clients Sandra and Chris, you're a business owner who's got a product or service that can make a HUGE difference in the lives of the people around you.  And, you've already seen some success... just not enough and certainly not fast enough!

You KNOW that there are a lot more people out there that you can help... the biggest problem you're having is finding them and getting them to want to listen to what you have to say.

And, on a personal level you know that you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be living your dreams NOW, without feeling like you're "running a marathon on a hamster wheel EVERY. SINGLE. DAY." (how exhausting, right?)

You Need A Time-Tested PROVEN SYSTEM
To Help You Easily and Predictably
Attract, Connect & Seal More Deals

Hi! I’m Courtney Taylor, founder of Marketing With Courtney, and it’s my mission to help you transform your business and finances by giving you the step-by-step system you need to get your business in front of the right people and make more money (without spending yourself out of business).

It hurts my heart to see so many people, blessed with amazing skills, products and services to share, struggling to close more profitable business deals and make ends meet because they don’t get the help they need... and then they just give up.

Over the course of my career, I've been recognized with awards for being Employee of the Month,  Recruiter of the Month,  National Recruiter of the Year,  Largest Clientele award, Net-worker of the Year,  Leadership Award For The Most Productive Team.

However, nothing has been as satisfying as seeing the incredible results my clients have created for themselves by learning and applying what I teach in my attraction marketing system.

I totally get where you're at. You want to be thriving. You need to make money while you do it. And you want to live a fabulous life. BUT, it’s REALLY HARD to make an impact when you're struggling yourself.

I've been there, so please take it from me... it doesn’t have to be that way. I can show you how to work less, earn more and love the life you are living!

With commitment, enthusiasm, a teachable attitude and the right guidance, I KNOW you can do it too, because I've seen it happen first-hand for myself and for my students.


Results Driven 100% Custom Tailored
Step-By-Step Business Coaching

There are 6 KEY elements that are essential for EVERY business to be successful  in today’s forever changing culture, and it doesn't matter if you’re a consultant, hair dresser, designer, financial analyst, real estate broker, doctor, attorney,  or selling tee-shirts online!

What I’ve discovered through building my own successful business and helping hundreds of others is when we start our business, we're so excited about our brilliant ideas, products and services and we're so anxious to go to market that we just go for it… full speed ahead!!!

YAY!!! We did it! Our business is ONLINE!!!

Then the BIG PROBLEM (that no one talks about) shows its UGLY face!!!

The business is online for a few a days and we get panicked… WHY ISN’T ANYONE BUYING MY STUFF?!?!?

The real issue is that the business owner (that would be me and you) was so stinkin’ excited about launching a business, wanting everyone and their momma to come buy our stuff, so we can FINALLY make wads of cash, we didn’t stop to think about creating a solid foundational plan to become a PROFITABLE business owner.

Now really think about it. Do you know of ANY successful business that doesn’t have a rock-solid business plan in place? EVERY business owner needs to have a plan in order to succeed.

You can’t just slap a business online and think you are going to have a million dollar business overnight. It takes a lot of work to make that happen and it takes a rock-solid business plan to make all of that hard work pay off!

So what I’ve created is a simple, step-by-step process that covers all of the basic, foundational pieces EVERY business needs to have…

THIS is the coaching program I wish I had when I first got started online! I would have saved myself countless sleep-less nights, failed marketing campaigns and THOUSANDS of dollars!! And, when you leverage my hard-earned knowledge, experience and training, you are actually getting a short-cut that will save you time (years), money (thousands) and lots of stress (bottles of Advil).


Step One - Research

You must understand the marketplace and your competition.

What are others within your specific niche doing?

What works for them and what doesn’t?

How are they currently marketing themselves?

What has been their profit margin?

How can you separate yourself from them and become your own brand?

Knowing what is already out there is important so you can see what already works, what doesn’t work and adjust accordingly!

Step Two - Marketing Plan

Understanding how you will bring a product, service or idea to the market for consumers to buy what you have to sell. What platforms you will use to showcase your services.

You can’t just put your product out into the world and expect it to sell itself. You must have a concrete plan on how you will market your product, service or idea.

What actionable steps will you take?

How much money you will spend on marketing?

What platforms you will use and how often will you use them.

Who will you have managing your material?

This is all really important information that needs to be considered and tested to ensure it will work effectively and efficiently.

Step Three - Ideal Customer Avatar

You must learn how to identify who your ideal customer will be.

Are you just casting a wide open net hoping to catch a few fish and then you get no one? Knowing how to properly and clearly identify who your ideal customer is, as well as how to properly target your niche through effective communication that will help attract more of the right paying customers, is a CRITICAL skill!

 There’s a huge difference between a $500 client and a $5,000 client and how you communicate with them needs to be different too!

You need to know how to clearly identify the characteristic traits of each of your clients. What are their goals, needs, desires and aspirations for wanting to achieve success? You need to communicate to them how can you quickly help them get their problems solved by doing business with YOU!

When you help solve other peoples’ problems you get paid the big bucks. Helping them create a burning desire for your products and services through future-casting their results is your way of becoming the rock star!

Step Four - Communication

Now that you clearly understand who you want to target and how you’re going to target them, it’s time to learn how to properly communicate with them.

You can have the right product, the right marketing and the ideal client, but if your message isn’t correct then you can have a major problem on your hands! And, after all of your hard work, that’s something to avoid at all costs!

One very important thing to understand is that if you are targeting different age groups, you have to be sensitive and tuned in to what is called Generational Marketing.

Generational Marketing is being able to pinpoint the age bracket you’re trying to get in front of at any given time. Being able to effectively communicate to a specific audience is essential so they can clearly understand your branding and targeted messaging.

If your communication isn’t clear and to the point, it won’t resonate with the people it is intended for. As the old saying goes, you only have one opportunity to make a great first impression and capture their attention!

Step Five - Social Media

Everything has gone digital and if you don’t, you and your business will fall behind. You must keep up with the times.

As technology changes, so does the way we do business. Social Media has become an essential tool for every business. Once a product, service or idea goes viral, its impact is HUGE. And, Social Media provides the largest and fastest growing reach of any marketing platform.

Not every social media platform is designed for your business. You must know which social media platform will serve you best, master it, and use it to attract more clients to your products and services.

Not being on social media will hurt you in the long run because your competitors will have a "top of mind" presence and platform where you don’t even exist.

Step Six - Sales Funnel

If a customer goes to one of your "sales" platforms how will you direct them to make the right purchasing decision based on what they are looking for? Will there be additional options for them to take before making a buying decision?

You must have a clear layout of what your sales process will be. If someone is going to follow you on social media, you must answer the following question: “What is the point of having a social media site and what do I want a potential client to do after they follow me on social media?”

Everything you do must lead to something that will produce a profit for your business.

If it’s not, then you’re just collecting a lot of names and making new friends. Having a lot of friends is fabulous. But, it’s not the most effective way to build a profitable business.

We need to ensure that everything we do in our business serves a purpose.


This program includes 100% customized one-on-one coaching for people who are looking to leave a corporate career to start their own business, and for business owners struggling to maintain a consistent client base. I also work with veterans who are looking to transition from their military career to a successful civilian career as a business owner.

I work one-on-one with each one of my clients. I’m very skilled at finding the very best qualities in every person I work with. Being able to guide each client in the right direction, with clear concise goals, makes building a profitable business venture smooth, less frustrating and ultimately much more successful.

Here's What We Cover During Your Coaching Sessions

1. Clarity and understanding of your brand and the unique business you’re building

2. Who your target market is (no more trying to cast a net and catch everyone that comes your way)

3. Concise clear communication that will convert potential prospects into buyers

4. Create a lifetime plan for more freedom to make more money, have more time to enjoy a life you truly love.

5. Learn how you can create Financial Freedom to live your life by design instead of settling for a life that no longer excites you.

As A Private Coaching Client You Receive

1.  A comprehensive preparation packet that includes guided worksheets

2.  Each coaching session is a full 1.5 hours long

3.  Personalized notes that go along with each session

4.  Mp4 recording of every session that is yours to watch and listen to forever

5.  Interactive screen sharing of our computers during each session

6.  A private 24/7 communication channel

7.  2 FREE eBooks and 10 hours of Audio Digital Training

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Nothing But Results...

I had a lot of questions when it came to my online business, such as what does my market really want, and how do I find out what my market really needs? Courtney talked me through an action plan and helped me to get my focus on track, and gave me some guidelines on how to start.  I needed to pull back and learn more about my ideal market.

Courtney offered sound coaching and really took her time with me to understand my challenges. Most importantly, she was relatable. She understood where I was, where I was looking to go,  and she genuinely wanted to help. I recommend Courtney to anyone needing a push in the right direction to get focused.

She found the need and met it. Best coach I have worked with. --Elissa

I met Courtney a while back when she reached out to me to book a massage. In a conversation with Courtney as she was getting massaged, she with her expertise in online marketing offered for me to schedule a call with her so I did.

I took Courtney’s advice on how to build my business online an attract more clients and implemented the tools she advised right away.One year later, my income has doubled and people are finding me online as I had hoped.  She was absolutely instrumental in helping me to achieve my dream and walk away from my part time job.

I would recommend any business owner to reach out to Courtney and give her the opportunity to assist your business as she has with mine.  Thank you very much, Courtney. --Khristy

I am endorsing Courtney Taylor, whom I worked with for 3 months this spring. I had just retired from a 30-year career as a classroom teacher, and I wanted to focus my skills to succeed in marketing.

Courtney helped me so much. She tailored her teaching around my needs for each of our conferences–recommending reading that would be most beneficial for me; providing me with additional resources and contacts; hooking me up with networking groups and opportunities, and checking in with me to be sure I was meeting the goals we had set together.

Courtney was accessible, supportive, and encouraging. As a result of our work together, I was able to bring a prominent local chiropractor on to my team of health coaches for my company. --Joanne

I needed to find a new job and knew that my LinkedIn presence would be crucial. However, I needed expert help to understand how to optimize my profile. Courtney provided that expertise and more.

She had very specific recommendations for my LinkedIn profile. I was amazed at the depth of her understanding of how to optimize profile content and how to drive traffic to my profile. However, this work on my profile was done in the context of defining a personal brand and building awareness of what I have to offer potential employers.

Courtney works with you to understand your overall goals and develops a plan for achieving those goals. She was very patient as my schedule changed and was tough when necessary. Her feedback on some of my initial work was strong and that pushed me to improve it and make it stand out.

I like that she records our sessions and I can go back and follow-up on specific details that I missed in my notes. As a result of working with Courtney, I am much more confident in my LinkedIn presence, and more importantly, my personal brand reflects what I want to achieve.

Today I have now gone on to attain several consulting Opportunites due to the strategies I have implemented from working with Courtney! --Rod

I started working with Courtney a few months ago to improve my brand in order to improve my online presence. My goal was to find a new career and in the process of doing so, I am found out allot more than what I originally signed up for. Courtney is a truly awesome coach and mentor!

She gave me the tools I needed to succeed, but more than that, she helps me realize I had so much more to offer in life. She has an extensive knowledge of networking and social media combined with her coaching gave me such a better outlook on my career and ultimately life!! I have been blessed to have her come into my life and guide me I have been blessed to have her come into my life and guide me through improving myself. It’s about the journey and I have finally been able to land employment within a university working in career services giving back to the students and community. --Chris Thomas

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