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My sharing this training series with you, free of charge, is one of the ways I give back to help those who aren't in a position to invest in private coaching at the moment. 

Truthfully, if it wasn't for the hundreds of clients I've worked with over the past 7 years, I wouldn't be here today encouraging YOU to do your very best. My clients are what makes Marketing with Courtney so unique. They inspire me and teach me something new each and every day. And, it's my hope that this free training helps you, so-much-so that you'll stick with me and eventually become one of my private clients, too!

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Something to remember, repetition is the key to success! You're going to want to listen to these recordings and read the content again and again.

As a matter of fact, if you know someone right now who is struggling with the topics that are covered in this training series, why not refer this training to them? If you've gotten results from plugging into my coaching, then why not bless someone else, too? Remember the key to success is to share your keys to success with others, too!

Learn How To Bulletproof Your Career & Your Life!

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I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to Courtney! She provided so much information and really gave great advise when the job search was getting frustrating and seemed like nothing is going my way.

After completing my MBA in August 2010, I was laid off in early 2011 which lasted for 6 months. Then in May of 2012 I was laid off again!! This was the complete opposite of why I wanted the MBA – it felt like all of the hard work in school lead me nowhere.

So I started working with Courtney and after 9 weeks, countless interviews and 3 (yes 3!!) offers, I accepted my dream job. I also found out from the recruiter I was working with that I was chosen out of 30-40 other candidates.

Courtney gave me the tools I needed to win them over during the interview process, what to say at the end of the interview to close the deal, what to say in my thank you notes, and what to say during the follow-ups. The company is great, my boss is great, the benefits are the best I have ever had and the salary is the highest I have ever had. In fact, I am making more money than the original salary range provided to the recruiter.

I would not be writing this review if I did not truly believe in Courtney's teachings and know first hand that they work. Thank you again Courtney, I couldn't have done it without you!

Julie H

I would like to give a sincere THANK YOU for providing me (literally) last second interview coaching that helped me receive a job offer after having over 10 interviews and not receiving an offer.

Courtney provided me with several tips and talking points that helped me convey a message of being a likeable person who would fit in great with the company. She is compassionate, patient, and committed to helping her clients.

Garrick Wong

Learn How To Bulletproof Your Career & Your Life!

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More Comments From Our Clients

Courtney Taylor is a highly qualified enthusiastic Career Coach who knows her craft and I highly recommend if you are in the process of looking for a new career opportunity.

Ms. Taylor has guided me along the way advising me how to get past my physical limitations as well as my previous approach to only applying for jobs online without connecting with the human on the other end.

She has taught me viable information how to connect with people through LinkedIn for example and getting your foot in the door past the recruiters. Whether you have 1 year or 20+ years of employment experience and needing a leg up guiding you while you’re searching for a new career venture without hesitation contact Courtney Taylor. --Andrew B

I just wanted say that I have been very satisfied with the services you have provided for me so far. I would highly recommend your services to anyone that needs a professional resume done for them--Thanks Again, Sandy

My name is Ellen Knutsen and I am a marketing professional seeking employment in the Marketing/ Sales industry. Through LinkedIn I have connected with Ms. Courtney Taylor.

As many of you already know, looking for work is a full time job! I reached out to Ms Taylor to help make revisions to my existing resume. Ms. Taylor helped me organize, quantify and present my unique value in the industry .

There are many professionals out there that charge a bundle of money and feed you promises. This is what sets Ms Taylor aside from all of the rest she really cares about you and your future. Ms. Taylor focuses on your individual qualities and where your contributions are recognized. I would highly recommend Ms. Taylor's experience and services. --Sincerely, Ellen Knutsen