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I just wanted to take a moment to thank Courtney for providing me two connections for possible jobs today. She sent along contact information and I have calls in. Hopefully I’ll be a fit for one of them. THANK YOU COURTNEY for the help, it is truly appreciated.

I just want to take a second and let everybody know that is either following this thread, has replied to it, or is ignoring it that I could not be happier that I replied to this way back near it’s start. Since then, Courtney and I went back a forth on the email, she sent me connections to four recruiters who are now hunting for me. We have since talked on the phone for almost an hour. 

Courtney basically interviewed me to find out what I am all about and what I have exactly done. She has taken on some of my companies of interest where I have applications in, trying to break through for me, is refreshing my resume, and has basically become an employee working to find me a job.

Do not be a fool and not connect with her, if she has a lead, she will provide it. If it’s a job on her board, she’ll connect you. If it’s a recruiter in her network, she’ll connect you. Since being laid off end of October 2010, this is the best I’ve felt about the new career search in a long time.

You can email me or even call me if you want to know more before you connect.

Todd Burns

My finances were very limited when I connected with Courtney on LinkedIn.  She responded with a plan that has created results.  She has helped me organize my career change with a strong focus on my particular needs, strengths and dreams.

Courtney is reliable and truly cares about her clients and works hard for them.  As a result, I have exceeded my personal and professional goals with several opportunities fitting my needs as a new, single father.  I would highly recommend investing in Courtney’s coaching services.  If you are coachable, the results will far out weigh the very reasonable financial investment.  Thanks for your help, Courtney! --Ken

Courtney, “It was great speaking with you. I love your attitude and passion for helping to educate and better people’s lives. I appreciate you taking the time to coach me and provide me with skills and strategies to land me my next job as well as to make me a better rounded individual.” I look forward to speaking with you in the upcoming days :). Thanks again for your knowledge and help!

I just wanted say that I have been very satisfied with your services that you have provided for me so far. I would highly recommend your services to anyone that needs a professional resume done for them. --Thanks again, Sandy

More Comments From Our Clients

I needed to find a new job and knew that my LinkedIn presence would be crucial. However, I needed expert help to understand how to optimize my profile. Courtney provided that expertise and more.

She had very specific recommendations for my LinkedIn profile. I was amazed at the depth of her understanding of how to optimize profile content and how to drive traffic to my profile. However, this work on my profile was done in the context of defining a personal brand and building awareness of what I have to offer potential employers.

Courtney works with you to understand your overall goals and develops a plan for achieving those goals. She was very patient as my schedule changed and was tough when necessary. Her feedback on some of my initial work was strong and that pushed me to improve it and make it stand out.

I like that she records our sessions and I can go back and follow-up on specific details that I missed in my notes. As a result of working with Courtney, I am much more confident in my LinkedIn presence, and more importantly, my personal brand reflects what I want to achieve.

Today I have now gone on to attain several consulting Opportunites due to the strategies I have implemented from working with Courtney! --Rod

I started working with Courtney a few months ago to improve my brand in order to improve my online presence. My goal was to find a new career and in the process of doing so, I am found out allot more than what I originally signed up for. Courtney is a truly awesome coach and mentor!

She gave me the tools I needed to succeed, but more than that, she helps me realize I had so much more to offer in life. She has an extensive knowledge of networking and social media combined with her coaching gave me such a better outlook on my career and ultimately life!! I have been blessed to have her come into my life and guide me I have been blessed to have her come into my life and guide me through improving myself. It’s about the journey and I have finally been able to land employment within a university working in career services giving back to the students and community. --Chris Thomas