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Are you Changing Careers as Much as You’re Underwear?

by Courtney Taylor on July 18, 2014


  Does your resume look like you’re a job hopper going from one job to another and you’re always asked why you can’t seem to keep a steady job? One minute your at one location and the next your at a completely different company doing a completely different task or skill? Now you look you’re […]


You have been rejected!

by Courtney Taylor on July 12, 2014


You Have Been Rejected! We all have (or had) that dream job we personally felt we worked very hard to earn. We invested thousands in education; we interned for little to nothing for experience, and invested in a professional wardrobe to maintain an outstanding presentation. In our eyes we are nothing less than worthy and […]


Learn how to stand out on Linked In like a  Holly-Wood super star and get Paid like one too!

I created this introductory video just for you on simple tools and strategies to make you stand out on Linked In. Enjoy, Courtney


Road Trip All Aboard…..

by Courtney Taylor on May 7, 2014


Road Trip! All aboard!!! This past Friday my partner in crime, the love of my life and I got in the car for a 5 hour long journey to see my mentor, Ms. Dani Johnson.  As some of you know, Dani has helped me to become who I am today through her amazing programs.  I […]



Do you feel like trying to be successful is just way too hard to reach these days? Feeling like you’re doing all you can to reach the top of your game, but just not getting to where you want to be? In today’s world we are in competition to become the best of the best […]


What Does Faith Have To Do With IT?

by Courtney Taylor on January 30, 2014

Do You Have Faith?

What Does Faith have to do with it? Have you been working really hard to make your New Year’s resolutions come to fruition? Have you literally tried everything, and it just seems to be impossible to keep your resolutions? Does it seem that the resolutions you have on your list this year are the same […]


Tired of Getting the Silent Treatment?

by Courtney Taylor on January 20, 2014

Are You Getting The Silent Treatment?

Tired of getting the silent treatment? Do you feel as if you have been spinning your wheels in all directions – praying, hoping, begging that just once, your inbox would be inundated with emails from companies wanting to interview you or that you? Are you trying to figure out why the fifty companies to which […]