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Dear God, I need a job- The Struggle to Find Employment!

by Courtney Taylor on October 24, 2014


Dear God, I Need a Job: The Struggle to Find Employment                             Many of our financial situations are becoming increasingly desperate…   It typically starts out with the loss of a job, and the inability to find a new one. We begin […]


Can I have your Signature?

by Courtney Taylor on October 6, 2014


              It was big time talk in 2013 when the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” climbed to the box office charts, and raving fans couldn’t get enough of Leonardo DiCaprio, the lead star in the film, portraying the character Jorden Belford. This was a story of a very […]


You can’t force yourself to like Broccoli!

by Courtney Taylor on September 18, 2014


  Are you trying to fit your square sell into a round mold? Well, as you know that just doesn’t work. You have to come to the clear realization that you can’t force yourself into something that just doesn’t fit. It’s like trying to squeeze yourself into a size 0 pants when you clearly know you have outgrown […]


Transformation from Employee to Employee-preneur

by Courtney Taylor on September 1, 2014


Transformation from Employee to Employee-preneur Joe Smoe is a manager at a local hardware store. He greets customers as they enter, educates them on products of interest, and finalizes their transactions at the cash register. He works Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm, and has been  employed at the store for 10 years. What […]


Achieve Success, Cut Toxic People Out!

by Courtney Taylor on August 10, 2014


  Achieve Success, Cut Toxic People Out! Everyone is drawn to happy, successful, and emotionally grounded individuals.  Most parents do their best to teach their children to set and respect their personal boundaries, to speak up for themselves firmly, and to carry themselves with class and confidence. However, we all know a highly talented person […]


Following up is like having a root-canal

by Courtney Taylor on July 30, 2014


  You’re on your favorite search engine, and you see that perfect high-paying position that seems tailor made just for you. You apply thinking, “I have to be one of the most qualified applicants” and you check your missed calls every 5 minutes thereafter. A week goes by and you still haven’t been contacted, you […]

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Are you Changing Careers as Much as You’re Underwear?

by Courtney Taylor on July 18, 2014


  Does your resume look like you’re a job hopper going from one job to another and you’re always asked why you can’t seem to keep a steady job? One minute your at one location and the next your at a completely different company doing a completely different task or skill? Now you look you’re […]